Daily Dosage: Ho! Ho! Ho!

I bet you this young lady got everything she wanted for Christmas.

And really, the point of this Daily Dosage is just to post this picture from the New Jersey Star Ledger from a recent Nets game. It's pics like the one above that make me wish I had the power to give every pretty girl whatever they wanted for Christmas in exchange for them sitting on my lap.

I might as well drop a sports nugget while I'm at it, so here goes nothing.

Tonight marks the first time Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley will share the floor in a meaningful game. The No. 1 and No. 2 overall picks in the June draft, respectively, will square off tonight in Miami as Rose's Chicago Bulls face Beasley's Miami Heat.

Rose is playing out of his mind as he continues to make people like me who were clamoring for the Bulls to take the former Kansas State star over the local boy done good. Beasley, meanwhile, is averaging only 13 points per game and has yet to be the force fans and hoops experts expected him to be.

Prediction: Heat 107 Bulls 103 ... it won't be D-Rose's fault or Beastley's doing ... Chicago just can't win on the road and Dwyane Wade (Rose's future teammate?) has been scoring the ball like his childhood idol.

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