Placing Prospects: Why LeBron should stay

Before the news broke today that LeBron James would consider signing an extension, I had the Cleveland Cavaliers on my mind. Not because I was thinking about where the King would be in two years, but because I was about to go watch Davidson vs. Purdue at the Conseco Fieldhouse for the John Wooden Tradition.

I was excited to see America's sweetheart Stephen Curry light up the Boilermakers for a ridiculous amount of points and hopefully confirm a destiny I have had in mind for the young scorer since I first saw his brilliance last March.

Curry did not light up Purdue though. In fact, he only scored 13 points and went 5-for-26 from the field. But even the best have off nights and I still believe Curry is the one who has the power to sway James' decision for what jersey he will wear in 2010.
The Davidson junior is the exact player James needs in his offense. James has needed a "pure" scorer to play alongside for years and has yet to find a perfect match.
With Larry Hughes, he had to fight for his shots since Hughes would put up ill-advised shots or he just was never healthy. After Hughes left James had no options except for the occasional good game from Donyell Marshall or Daniel Gibson.

Now James has Mo Williams and Delonte West which is a better situation but still not perfect. Williams is a good scorer but I saw plenty of him in Milwaukee and I know he just doesn't click with other elite scorers like a Michael Redd.

Williams will score his and then let someone score theirs and then score his and so on. It's never a real fluid relationship like the Michael Jordan/Scottie Pippen relationship James desperately wants. While West has been solid this year, he is more of a utility man that will do whatever the team needs him to do and cannot be James' personal wingman when he has rebounds, defense and assists to worry about.

Enter Stephen Curry.

Curry can shoot lights out. He shoots off the pass and at 6'3 he is tall enough to score off the dribble and drive the lane. The most important aspect of Curry is his lack of ego yet complete confidence in his game. Curry doesn't need to score 30 points a game, but when his number is called he knows he can perform.

When James needs the help Curry could become the person that is virtually impossible to stop. When he starts hitting on all cylinders you need to double team him and when you double him then James makes you pay.

Curry is expected to be picked around the 20th slot, and the Cavs will be picking in the upper 20's come draft time. The Cavs should do everything they can to land Curry, even if they have to trade someone like Williams, West or even Anderson Verajo.

Watching Curry throw up shots with confidence despite struggling all game was further proof he is ready to be James' go-to man. He won't be selfish like Hughes, but he will be more dangerous than Williams and West and give James the perfect outlet pass every time down the floor.

So LeBron, don't sign anything yet. But if Curry becomes a Cav, take the extension because I think he would bring a ring with him.