Battle of Boilermakers

Did you know that Drew Brees and Kyle Orton were both quarterbacks at Purdue University?

Yep. And that's where the similarities end.

''They both went to the same school,'' Bears coach Lovie Smith said without irony when asked to compare the players. ''Both are good, smart quarterbacks that know how to throw the football. Both guys make excellent decisions.

''But I am going to say they are completely different players.''

Well, yeah.

Brees is good. An MVP candidate, kind of. He has thrown for 4,100 yards and 26 touchdowns, but the 14 picks are not pretty. Brees has an innovative offensive mind in Sean Payton calling plays to take advantage of playmakers such as Reggie Bush and Marques Colston.

Orton is "meh" to say the least. The Neckbeard has thrown for 2,414 yards 15 touchdowns and 8 picks, but in his defense, he plays in an offense whose coordinator draws plays in the sand when his high school playbook (circa 1995) is out of options. If that was not enough to hold him back, his best receiving option is his rookie running back.

So when is Orton > Brees.

Drunken montage pics!!!1!!!!!!11!!!!@!!!!!1.

But I have a feeling that Brees has his pick of the litter once Mardi Gras rolls around.