Who deserves the final Heisman?

Mike Leach, the outspoken head coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders, thinks they should just stop this whole Heisman thing after his quarterback Graham Harrell was left off the ballot.

"If Graham is not invited to the Heisman, they ought to quit giving out the award. It is a shameless example of politics ruling over performance. The other guys are deserving, but he has earned a place alongside them."

Texas' Colt McCoy, Oklahoma's Sam Bradford and defending Heisman winner Tim Tebow of Florida are making the trip to New York City and each has a case to walk away with a little bit of hardware. So it's not really a snub.

But Harrell threw for more yards and more touchdowns than each of the finalists and he beat Texas in the head-to-head matchup. Just saying. And while he would likely have not gotten the award, he should have been invited to commemorate the year he had.

If I had a vote, it would likely go to McCoy because he led Texas in passing and rushing yards. If Vince Young was still around, maybe he'd get some receiving yards in there too.

Unfortunately, I don't get a vote. But I know someone who does. Maybe I'll be able to get them to speak on which way they went.

Until then, enjoy this video!