Moving again.

I'm sure all of you moved over with us when we ditched the Sports Desk Speaks blogspot site and went with the less confusing

Now, we can drop the blogspot part.

We've moved, again.  This time it's probably for good.  We've joined the network of blogs and we're glad to be their newest addition.

What we will do there is exactly what we did here.  But this time with more advertising and without the ending.

As the blogs co-founder, editor and primary contributor, I would like to thank you for the time you've spent here at this blog and encourage you to join us at our new home.  Waiting there for you will be some new blogs and all of your old favorites.

The staff will join us and so will new features.

Can't wait to see you there.  Thanks for the support once again.

The Big Dead Sidebar - Final Edition

(Note: Yes we noticed the misspelling in our header.  Not a good start but surely that will get fixed.)