New York 2010? Don't do it LeBron

If LeBron James paid any attention to the team he torched tonight, he would realize that New York isn't the place to go in 2010.

First, let's look at The King's Line in Wednesday night's win over the Knicks:

21 points 5 steals 6 assists 5 rebounds

That's a pretty impressive 28 minutes 9 seconds of work. If I could be that productive in that short of a time span, I'd be a straight-A student and the best sports writer in the history of the world.

Ah, to be an underachiever.

But back to James.

All this 2010 talk is too much for me, but to be honest, this guy is too good for the Knicks. But to be honest, I understand why he would want to go there.

He gets a couple of incentives picked up for moving into a major market and that's nice. He will surely be handsomely rewarded, likely being the highest paid player in the history of the NBA ... and how can you reject that. He would not only be the face of the NBA, but the shining sports image of one of the world's greatest cities.

Those are things you really can't deny.

But that team is awful. And let's be honest, it's not going to get any better in two seasons.

The Knicks only have four players under contract for 2010: Eddy Curry, Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler and Jared Jeffries. That group isn't going to be confused with the Dream Team any time soon. Curry is fat and still probably stuck at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Gallinari will flop, just like the last foreign player the Knickerbockers drafted. I thought Jeffries was still at Indiana until I looked at the Knicks projected 2010 roster.

The only talent on that roster is Chandler, who is a solid fantasy basketball player with three-position eligibility as head coach Mike D'Antoni is slowly turning into a poor man's Shawn Marion.

That's nice, but that's not going to win you a championship. And after winning a Gold medal, an NBA ring would be the only thing LBJ needs to cross off his to-do list.

In hopes the NBA's poster child reads this blog (and I don't see why he wouldn't) here are my two cents in three simple words.

Come to Chicago.

Before I you click over to College Humor, hear me out.

LBJ could join Derrick Rose, Chicago's very own budding star and the kind of pure point guard he has yet to play with that would compliment (not cramp) his style. He could play along side ultra-scrappy uber-pest Andres Nocioni.

Rose, LBJ, Nocioni, Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah looks like a more competitive lineup than James, Chandler and talentless scrubs.

Photo Credit: Getty Images