Daily Dosage: Back To The Drawing Board

Happy Birthday, Jessica Simpson. You're 28 today! Is that whipped cream going on your birthday cake or elsewhere? I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for elsewhere...

In an effort to match what their NL Central rivals are doing, the St. Louis Cardinals started a former Cy Young candidate as they attempt to make a name for themselves in what is shaping up to be one of the best races in baseball.

Unfortunately for Mark Mulder, it only lasted 16 pitches as the Phillies beat the Cards 4-2.

Cardinal Nation, if you're looking for sympathy from me you're not going to get it. Well, maybe just a little because Agent Mulder is a Chicagoland native. But for years, Cubs fans like myself had to deal with the constant Mark Prior and Kerry Wood catcalls from the fans and from Steve Kline. Remember his "I hope he takes a line drive and we never have to see him again" comment? I do.

Josh Hamilton Revisited. In this post on May 28th, I wondered aloud how good Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton would look patrolling center field at The Friendly Confines. Hamilton continues to look like the one that got away, especially after Wednesday night's walk-off home run against Angels closer Francisco Rodriguez.

The Hamilton Line: .307 20 HR 89 RBI .364 OBP .547 .911 OPS
Felix Pie + Reed Johnson + Jim Edmonds: .251 12 HR 62 RBI (Do I have to go on? I didn't think so.)

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