Daily Dosage: Wheelin', Dealin' and Winnin'

Not to be outdone by their North Side counterparts, the Chicago White Sox added first baseman Paul Konerko to the line-up.

Say what? He was already on the team and is coming off the DL. Sorry about that Sox fans.

'We're Taking Over.' All-Star Cubs starter Ryan Dempster celebrated the addition of fellow Canadian Rich Harden by allowing one run, two hits (but four walks) and five strikeouts in seven innings of work to pick up his 10th win of the year in the Cubs' 7-3 win over the Reds.

All-Star battery-mate Geovany Soto took Aaron Harang (a surprising 3-11) deep...and not to diminish the feat...so did Mike Fontenot.

Sox Snag Victory In Lucky 13th. In a few years when Kenny Williams and Ozzie Guillen rewrite the Grinder Rules, example 1A should be the play of Alexei Ramirez. It was the Cuban Missle's hustle down the line for an infield single and the hit-and-run that followed that helped put the Sox up for good in the top of the 13th.

However, the Sox are about to go through some bullpen troubles seeing that closer Bobby Jenks is headed to the DL. Scott Linebrink is slowly turning into LaTroy Hawkins and the Minnesota Twins are still creepin' 2.5 games behind the only pair of first place Sox.

Hold Your Horses. What a difference a game makes. No. 2 pick Michael Beasley followed up his 28 point performance with a game in which he scored only nine points and committed almost as many fouls (7).

As for Derrick Rose, he put up 14 points in the Bulls' 89-84 victory over the Pacers despite jamming his knee on a drive to the basket (in which he scored, by the way). The much maligned Tyrus Thomas had 17 points to go along with 7 boards.

Quality Linkage: Harden v. Sabathia Edition

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