Just Wondering

Jeff Samardzija is living a dream. At Kerry Wood's expense, nonetheless.

Samardzija, a life-long Cubs fan and former wideout at Notre Dame, was called up today as Woody was sent to the land of the disabled.

Who needs Jeff Samardzija more?

The Cubs bullpen, who needed four pitchers to get the last six outs of Thursday's victory against the Marlins or the Bears offense, in search of a legit go-to receiver.

I wonder if Woody can comeback for the big series against the Brewers, is it possible for the Cubs could option Jeffrey to Bourbonnais for Bears camp?

The North Siders already have a solid relationship with the Blackhawks, should they spread the love to Chicago's other teams, too?

How about Carlos Zambrano on the Fire for a day? Could D-Lee flourish getting the rock from D-Rose for the Bulls?

Just wondering.