Home Run Derby: Who Ya Got?

Gone are the days of McGwire, Sosa and Bonds juicing 'em out of the park.

It's time for a new generation of drug-free (I presume) stars to start launching the ball into the stratosphere.

Justin Morneau, Evan Longoria, Josh Hamilton and Grady Sizemore represent the AL and Lance Berkman, Chase Utley, Dan Uggla and Ryan Braun will be taking cuts from the NL side in tonight's Home Run Derby.

Tonight's the kind of night you want to put your mute button to good use, and your ears will thank you as Chris "Back, Back, Back" Berman and Joe "Banks Boulevard" Morgan will call the action.

As I whip out my crystal ball, Swami Lu predicts that Justin Morneau will take advantage of the infamous Yankee Stadium right-field short porch to win the derby.

But enough about me, who ya got?