That's no gouda!

Ahh.. let's bask in the aftermath.

The Cubs may have won the battle after capping a winning series in St. Louis with a 7-1 victory Sunday but so far, they are losing the war for NL Central.

With the Brewers picking up C.C. Sabathia for much ballyhooed uber-prospect Matt LaPorta, Milwaukee puts themselves in a prime position for this year and next year. It doesn't really matter what happens with Sabathia this year because he's likely leaving for the big bucks and bright lights in the Bronx.

The Yankees have both Mike Mussina and Andy Pettitte coming off the books and they'll be looking to spend. Heck, they may even snatch up the other ace in Ben "awe" Sheets.

The good news for the Brewers is that they'll get a chance to give Chicago and St. Louis a run for its money in the the central the rest of the year. Let's say this fails miserably and the Cubs win it by five games. Milwaukee will pick up four compensation picks for both pitchers leaving. These are technically first round picks too.

Besides, LaPorta likely projects as a first baseman and they already have the Prince there.

Now, back to Chicago for a minute. This is truly a difficult time now. They have to pursue either Rich Harden from the A's or A.J. Burnett from the Blue Jays. Sure, Harden sounds great. His first loss was earlier Sunday against the White Sox. But Harden is an injury waiting to happen. Burnett's ERA is in nearly 5.00.

Neither is C.C. and the Cubs are in a desperate position.

Sorry, Ted Lilly, Sean Marshall, Sean Gallagher or Jason Marquis doesn't scare me. Neither does Ryan Dempster outside of the Gum Stadium.

Sorry folks but even in a weak National League, the Cubs don't even look like anything but a one-and-done in the postseason. Honestly, the offense is better than last season and it appears Kerry Wood is managing to stay healthy long enough to lock down the 9th inning but is this rotation much better?

I just don't think so and that's the most important thing in October. Right now, the 1-2 punch of Sabathia and Sheets sounds scary good. Mix in Manny Parra, a potent offense and voila, 2008 NL Central Champions.

As for the Brew Crew?