It's Your Move Jim Hendry

If you're a Cubs fan, you're hoping that GM Jim Hendry paid his phone bill because he is going to need to use it if the NorthSide Nine are going to hold off the Brewers who just bolstered their starting rotation the moment they acquired C.C. Sabathia from the Indians.

So Jimmy, it's your move.

Sure, Jim Edmonds has turned into a nice addition in center field. And yes, swapping Ryan Dempster and Kerry Wood has done wonders for the pitching staff. And of course Cubdom trusts Lou Piniella over that guy who manages the Beermakers as they run suicide squeezes with the bases loaded.

But something needs to be done, right?

Do you try to solidify the bullpen by trying to snag Rockies closer Brian Fuentes and placing him as a late-inning lefty stoopper?

What about adding A.J. Burnett to the starting rotation? As much as he whiffs batters and a dizzying rate (111 K in 113.1 innings), that 4.92 ERA is cringe inducing.

Oakland's Rich Harden could be the best acquisition, seeing that he's only making $4.75 mill and (unlike Sabathia or Burnett) will be under contract in 2009.

However, Rich Harden has always been the AL's version of Mark Prior and despite a 5-1 record, 92 Ks in 77 innings and a 2.34 ERA, I fear making deals with Billy Beane, who consistently makes Kenny Williams look like an amateur.

Do we even want to go for Greg Maddux V.3.0?

Probably not.

Well, it's not like the pieces aren't out there.

Go get 'em, Jimmy!