Who Got Snubbed?

It's easy to point out who you should be watching for in The Midsummer Classic, but it's even easier to point out who you aren't watching because they're not there.

The nominees, please.

Ryan Howard. He leads the NL with 28 homers and 84 runs batted in despite a .234 batting average. Who cares what your BA is when your OPS is .832.

Johnny Damon. I was pretty sure this guy's career was over the day he signed with the Bronx Bombers. His .387 on-base percentage is quite impressive at the top of that Yankee line-up.

John Danks. Arguably, the biggest snub in baseball was the White Sox' other "JD." Danks has a nasty 2.67 ERA, a filthy 1.15 WHIP and only seven (7!!!) wins to show for it. That from a guy who went un-drafted in almost every fantasy baseball league.

Cole Hamels. King Cole is 9-6 on the season, but has 126 punch outs, a 1.02 WHIP, a 3.15 ERA and has limited batters to a minuscule .213 batting average.

Jose Reyes. Whoudathunkit? The New York Metropolitans were saved by the quota rule (holla back, Billy Wagner). Somehow a .302 batting average, an .854 OPS and 32 swipes aren't better than Miguel Tejada's .275/.316/.423 line.