BREAKING: Carlos Marmol Is An All-Star!

Really. I'm not joking. No link yet, but I did hear it from George Offman and David Schuster from WSCR 670 AM moments ago.

That gives the Cubs eight (8!!!) All-Stars. That's ridiculous, but I guess deserving of the team with the best record in baseball.

The basics: Cubs closer Kerry Wood can't pitch because of a blister so Carlos Marmol will replace him.

The 70 strikeouts and 1.03 WHIP are All-Star Game worthy. The 4.13 ERA, the fact that he allowed five hits, five runs (four earned) and cost Rich Harden his first win as a Cub in Saturday's win are not All-Star worthy.

It looks like Clint Hurdle will be cheering for the AL in the World Series because it's apparent that he doesn't care if the NL gets home-field advantage.