Just Wondering

How annoying would an announcing team of Ken "The Hawk" Harrelson and Ron Santo be?

Imagine Hawk screaming at the top of his lungs "YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD..." and Santo chipping in "YEAAAAAH!!!" as he performs the duties of head cheerleader. It'd be J.J. Redickulous at that point.

But wait...what if they're team was losing.

Hawk giving the silent treatment with Santo chiming in "Oh jeez" and "why do we do this to ourselves?"

Wait, I'm starting to like this idea. Whose story time would be better? Hawk and his stories such as his recent "I was talking to Ray Fossey about Kurt Suzuki and Gabby Hartnett once said he knew a catcher when he saw one" are pure gold. So are Ronnie's stories of the '69 Cubs and how his No. 1 hairpiece was burned to a crisp at Shea Stadium are good too.

DJ can be there too. It's not like he brings anything to the table anyway other than being Hawk's yesman.

Man, I wonder what I'd have to do to be able to listen to that tag team of baseball awesomeness!