It's 12:44 AM (Central Time) Do You Know Where Your All-Stars Are?

To be totally honest, they're probably saying f-you to the post game press conference and heading on their private jets back to their respective teams after the 15-inning marathon ended with the American League winning 4-3, giving the Boston Red representative home-field advantage in the World Series.

Rather than give you a detailed account of the game, I'll just tell you the difference in the game (other than Dan Uggla's boo-boos, of course). The difference lie (or is it lay?) in each team's respective bullpens.

The AL had the better arms and it showed with Joe Nathan, Francisco Rodriguez, Mariano Rivera, Joakim Soria and George Sherrill all pitched without giving up a run.

That's 141 saves coming at ya. Let's see Murderer's Row hit against that.

On the other hand, Edinson Volquez, Billy Wagner and Brad Lidge combined for an ERA of 58.50.


Too bad most of America was asleep for all of the goodness that was extra-inning baseball for the rights to have home-field advantage in the World Series.