Daily Dosage: Crazy like a Fox!

GQ 2008
Welcome to the first installment of Daily Dosage for 2009. A few members of the staff here at The Big Dead Sidebar has a busy week ahead of them at the Daily Egyptian. So I've decided to put some posts in the can and let them post automatically.

If you don't like it, oh well. That's why Megan Fox accompanies this post. It's a formula that has worked to success time and time again. It will continue to work as long as I write this blog.

Another part of the recipe of success, links to other good pieces of writing.

On with the Dosage!

Quality Linkage:
  • Milton Bradley is one crazy sonofabitch! [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Who will win the chance to bid on the Cubs? [Chicago Tribune]
  • Colt McCoy's girlfriend is attractive, even when she looks upset. [The Big Lead]
  • Bob Kravitz (a personal old nemesis of mine) thinks Tony is Done-gy. Seriously, stupidity. [Indy Star]
  • Sooners scrub CB: Tim Tebow ain't that good. [Swamp Things]
  • Jason Whitlock wants a blog police. No deal. [FOX Sports]
  • Carrie Underwood and a hockey goon? Yuck. [Just Jared]