Reason #108 why LeBron ain't Mike

Cavaliers vs Wizards
LeBron James is the second best player in the NBA.

I'm not slighting King James, by any means. I would take him on my team in a minute, trading everyone on the Bulls not named Derrick Rose to do so.

But when you have the chance to turn Joakim Noah, Tyrus Thomas, Drew Gooden, Luol Deng and even Rose into a poster and you settle for jump shots, then you might want to reconsider a career.

Hey, the Browns need some help. Can BronBron be Bo? Maybe.

And yes, LBJ scored 28 points, grabbed 14 boards and dished 7 assists, but he missed 14 straight shots during a crucial point in the Chicago Bulls' overtime win against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

I know he's still relatively young, but he was an NBA Finalist and an Olympic Gold Medalist. So it's not as if he does not know how to win. It is not as if he does not know how to hit the big shot. It is not as if he has not shown to be shy when it is time to take that shot.

I'm just saying when Michael Jordan had the chance to posterize Craig Ehlo, he did it. A lot. Rumor has it Ehlo sees a shrink three times a week as he tries to recover from all the times Jordan victimized him throughout his career.

And before this No. 23 calls it quits, I expect him to find one Bulls player to torture for his entire career.