Bush/Selig 2012? Not quite.

Bush Participates In White House Tee Ball Game
Former President George W. Bush might not care about black people, but he does care about baseball.

And while he wasn't the best Commander-in-Chief, he might make a very good baseball commissioner. In fact, if G-Dub needs and endorsement then he can have my stamp of approval.

Bush cares about baseball so much, he had Congress come to a stand-still as Rafael Palmeiro, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire testified and admitted nothing in particular as Palmeiro lied, McGwire denied and Sosa just plain ol' forgot how to speak English.

But something happened out of it. America's Past Time implemented a much more strict steroid testing policy and in turn, the game has seen the inflation of power numbers return to normal.

And the best thing is that there are some ridiculously strong power hitters out there and there isn't a trace of BALCO products to be found.

Ryan Howard could crack the Liberty Bell with the kind of screamers he slams out of Philadelphia. Big Papi can still yank 'em around Pesky's Pole sending the Fenway faithful into a frenzy. Phat Albert can still hit him over and beyond the Arch in Saint Louis. And of course, Manny can still be Manny whether he makes a splash in the ballpark by The Bay or returns to Mannywood.

The point is that baseball needs a leader who cares about the game and is willing to lead baseball's middle-market teams out of some dark times. C'mon George, baseball teams in Pittsburgh, Kansas City and Miami need your help. Step to the plate and make a change.

So, why would I trust a man who is partially responsible for an economic downturn reminiscent of a classic Barry Zito 12-to-6 curveball with the world's my favorite sport?

Well, I have a feeling that after eight years of inexplicable failure, that son-of-a-Bush might want at least one shot of redemption.