Should Da Bears give T.O. a go?

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys
Wait, what? Non SIU-Creighton material? Say what???

ESPN's Ed Werder reports the Dallas Cowboys might consider dumping wide receiver Terrell Owens to improve team chemistry.

And while that might be a valid report, I wouldn't be surprised if Wereder, known around these parts as somewhat of a word-twister, probably asked if the 'Boys would dump T.O. if the team were to take a chemistry class and based his report off that answer.

In either case, it is a possibility that Owens could hit the open market, and with the Chicago Bears in desperate need of a pass catching threat not named Matt Forte it might be worth a look-see.

T.O. caught 65 balls for 1,065 yards with 10 touchdown catches last season and despite faltering down the stretch and picking a fight with quarterback Tony Romo.

The Cowboys missed the playoffs thanks in part to the offense's self-destruction, but there is no doubt Owens' numbers alone could help a Chicago offense that in all honesty was putrid.

Owens' stats compare favorably to every wide receiver on the Bears. Two more catches than Forte. 387 more yards than Hester. The most telling stat for the Bears need for T.O. is so big it deserves its own graph:

Hester, Rashied Davis, Marty Booker and Brandon Lloyd combined to score ONE LESS touchdown than Owens.

Signing Owens would be like signing a ticking time bomb, but with great risk could come great rewards for one of the league's most disappointing offenses.