Daily Dosage: Links for breakfast

Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway and other celebs at the NY premiere of 'Bride Wars' at Loews Lincoln Square
There is at least one person I know will appreciate waking up and seeing Kate Hudson in the morning.

Kind of a slow morning. The full-strength Bulls are still not really good enough to beat anyone of substance. I know it is easy to call out a coach, but something has to give here. Just be thankful for Derrick Rose or this would have been the worst Bulls team ever.

The Cubs sale is almost done, but now there's an extension ... so our long national nightmare continues. Maybe they're trying to give Mark Cuban one last opportunity to place his bid.

Oh yeah, how about a shameless cross-promotion link with a story about how the four-guard lineup saved SIU against Evansville.

Quality Linkage:
  • Baby Mangino is your Sports Human Of The Year! [Deadspin]
  • Quarterbacks get all the girls, even ones that played in the NAIA. [Sports By Brooks]
  • Advice for your extra-curricular life, courtesy of Washington, D.C. athletes [DC Sports Blog]
  • Erin Andrews has a sister who probably isn't interested in hooking up with you, either. [Busted Coverage]
  • PacMan Jones explains his love for making it rain. [Sporting News]
  • The Phillies have a problem picking the wrong sibling. [We Should Be GM's]
  • White athletes are all the rage, according to Jason Whitlock. [Kansas City Star]
  • Eddy Curry's problem's have extended off the court. [NY Post]
  • Talk about fuel efficiency: the new Prius will get 50(!) MPG. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Packer, Knight analyze from a Vegas sports book. I analyze from the clubs. [SI.com]
  • Will Stephen Curry be going pro? An interview with a high school student makes me think so. [Daily Duckets]
  • Nerds learning how to flirt. Sounds like a bad movie plot. [Yahoo! News]