McDonalds is going out of business

Bartolo Colon is back in Chicago with a minor league deal that can turn into a decent chunk of change says Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

I really don't know how to feel about it because I was hoping that the risky contract would be handed out to our old friend Freddy Garcia but apparently the White Sox are going down the Colon road again.

In theory this can only help because if Colon comes to camp weighing in at 349 plus pounds with an 85 mph fastball he doesn't make the team or any real money. But if they get a respectable 120 or so innings out of him than that sounds good to me because Jose Contreras could be back after the halfway point anyway.

Still, I'm hoping for another option for the White Sox that doesn't rhyme with Meff Jarquez but we'll see what happens when the free agent market continues to bottom out. Besides, most of the key pieces that were added to the 2005 World Series team were toward the end of Janurary anyway.

But the clock is ticking on that thought.

Anyway, when I first read about Colon coming back to town I thought of the April game when it was about 30 degrees out and he didn't want to wear long sleeves because it was uncomfortable.

Ahhh... only you Mr. Hamburglar....

It also reminds me of this Family Guy quote:

(Peter slowly raises up a comic book into his line of sight while he is driving.)
Peter (to himself): Hehehehehe.....Look at all those hamburgers. You can't eat all those hamburgers, you stupid fella (car veers off the road). Oh geeze! (Peter swerves the car back on the road and then slowly raises up the comic book again). Uh! He's gonna do it! Oh he is SO ridiculous--you hear me, you ridiculous man? (Car crashes into tree.)