Bulls brass should be glad I'm not the boss

Ohio State Buckeyes v Wisconsin Badgers
I was pretty sure my computer was playing tricks on me last night as I was doing a little bit of scoreboard watching during the SIU men's basketball game against Evansville.

Missouri Valley Conference cellar-dwellar Indiana State beat an Illinois State team recently talking about perfection. How did that happen?

The Arizona Cardinals defeated the highly favored Carolina Panthers 30-13 in a game in which the Cards held a 27-7 halftime lead. But didn't the Birds have to fly east where they had struggled all year?

But the most shocking set of numbers came moments later when Thunder 109 Bulls 98 (OT) came across my computer screen. It couldn't be? Chicago couldn't lose to a team from Oklahoma City right? Wrong.

The former Seattle SuperSonics, a fledgling franchise with a despicable owner who should be reviled by anyone who believes the NBA is a great league, beat the up-start Chicago Bulls ... and at home, too.

I could only say one word after I found this to be true: "bye."

If my name was Jerry Reinsdorf, there would be some serious house cleaning to do on a Sunday afternoon (because you know if I was a millionaire I'd be sleeping in on Sunday mornings) for the hoops squad on West Madison. A loss at home to the worst team in the NBA is inexcusable.

Nick Collison getting 21 points and 9 rebounds is inexcusable.

John Paxson would get a pink slip from me and a swift kick in the butt as he headed out the door. To channel my inner Mike Singletary, I can't win with 'em.

Tyrus Thomas. Joakim Noah. Thabo Sefalosha. I can't do it. Can't win with 'em. Can't play with 'em. Tell me how the Bulls had a chance to draft LaMarcus Aldridge and Brandon Roy ... or in a worse case scenario Aldridge and Ronnie Brewer and ended up being suckered by a Swede and a No. 2 overall pick whose former coach said has never run hard. Ever.

Noah has flopped harder than Andres Nocioni and Anderson Verajao combined. He doesn't work hard. He is an agitator in his own locker room. And for someone who was picked to play hard and agitate the opposing team, it is disappointing to see he has been unable to do either.

Sure, the Bulls were in a tough spot drafting No. 9 overall, but it was laughable to pass on Spencer Hawes when the team's top need was a true center.

Other than Derrick Rose, Ben Gordon and maybe Kirk Hinrich and Drew Gooden, I can't win with 'em ... especially if I can't coach with 'em.

And to be honest, I don't think Vinny Del Negro can coach. And if I were the boss I would waive bye bye to Vinny and hope that he rented and not bought in this housing market.

And sure, Del Negro went off last night. Big deal. It should have not gotten to that point. If Derrick Rose was still chillin' on campus, this team might be as bad as the Thunder.

The Bulls went from having the best hire in Mike D'Antoni, who would have brought an exciting offense to go along with a disciplined defensive system young layers love to play in. When that fell through, Chicago looked as if was poised to go back in time and hire Doug Collins.

The former Bulls bosss who nurtured Jordan and the original Baby Bulls before Phil Jackson took them to glory, looked like a good hire to help groom a young team. Again, it didn't work out so Chicago settled for a head coach whose last appearance on an NBA bench was sitting on the end of one as his playing days came to an end.

The House That Jordan Built should be a destination job, not somewhere you get your feet wet.

I hope that at season's end, Reinsdorf re-evaluates his entire organization and does what is right for his basketball team. Clean house and get Avery Johnson on speed dial.

Until then, I'm not sure how often I'll be watching the Bulls' Saturday night games on the WGN Superstation.