Mark Sanchez is going pro in something other than communication

Oregon St. v USC
Reports state Southern California quarterback Mark Sanchez is forgoing his senior season to enter the NFL Draft, risking the opportunity to be drafted by the Detroit Lions who own the first overall pick.

Sanchez lit up the Pac-10 all season long and then picked apart a pretty good Penn State defense in the Rose Bowl to cap his collegiate career. And after seeing Matt Leinart's draft stock plummet after he returned for his senior year, Sanchez is taking the safer route that will likely bring him a few more millions.

As for his decision to forgo his senior season, I'm thinking it's not so smart. I'm not sure what a degree in communication brings other than intra and interpersonal skills and probably the ability to communicate well with others without using profanities and slang, but at least the degree would have been a nice fall back when NFL defenses decaptiate him.

Besides, anyone who chooses to leave sunny California and the USC Song Girls and risk a frigid winter in Detroit or Kansas City has got to be only about the money.