It's too early for Bracketology

Washington Huskies v Connecticut Huskies
It's January 13, 10:17 a.m. Do you know where your (college) kids are?

ESPN's Joe Lunardi seems to think he knows where they will be in March with his recent installment of Bracketology. I know he does these all year round, but is it really necessary?

It is hard enough to predict what will happen on a daily basis in the world of college hoops, especially with conference season in full tilt. Good teams will get upset by upstarts. Upstarts will get upset by bad teams. Bad teams will posture in the cellar and give really good teams trouble if they are overlooked.

Did Joe Lunardi pick Georgia to win the SEC tourney last year? No. How about Davidson in the Elite 8? No. How about Drake to win the Valley? Hell no.

The point is the college basketball world has yet to even hit rivalry week and yet prognosticators are already posturing for all 16 Big East teams to be dancing in March with four ACC teams locking up No. 1 seeds.

To me, all this Bracketology mess is just reason for Lunardi to back away from his preseason picks by covering his tracks with "updates."

Stick to your guns or don't pull 'em out of the holster.