The Jake Peavy Saga Continues

MLB v Japanese Professional Baseball in Game 8.
Billionaire Cubs fan Tom Ricketts is inching closer to officially becoming the owner of his childhood favorite team.

So with a new owner seemingly in tow, is it time for me to install a Jake Peavy countdown app to put on the sidebar under Twitter?

According to this story, yes, and it is more likely to happen now than ever before.

But since I don't want to I won't. He hasn't earned it yet.

See, I refuse to totally give in to the rumor monster who somehow, someway linked the Cubs as a potential suitor for the 2007 NL Cy Young winner to the point where GM Jim Hendry inquired about his availability. Then had the nerve to get so close to a deal, it bothered Cubs fans when it fell through.

It was like the Brian Roberts Situation, but instead of being secluded, he reportedly sang "Go Cubs Go" and signed "Go Cubs" on an autographed baseball.

That's where this crazy plotline is interesting. It is almost as if the Peavster is as hell bent on joining the Cubs as their fans are on having him.

I've heard of requests for Peavy replica Cubs jerseys to be made. I've seen profile pics with Peavy photoshopped with a Cubs hat and Cubbie blue pinstripes.

And for the millionth time, I am sick and tired of writing blogposts about nothing in particular.

Rumors. Whispers. Hearsay. All of it has dominated this blog when it relates to Jake Peavy.

And I'm tired of it.

Look, I want him on the Cubs. Cubs fans want him on the Cubs. He wants to be on the Cubs. Jim Hendry apparently wants him on the Cubs. And Kevin Towers wants to oblige and send him to the Cubs.

And if all it takes is a handful of prospects ... it's time to pull the trigger.

Our long national nightmare must end soon.