A tipster's tale inspires the following rant

The Big Dead Sidebar staff has received its first complaint in the inbox, and it comes from the Super Bowl.

Tipster "CT" has encountered some trouble with some of folks during their first trip to a Super Bowl. Problems start with massive crowds, rude people, poor policing, etc.

While I'm not here to exactly tell the horror story of every individual (because that's not what this blog is about) I feel as if I can use this forum to call out people on their stupidity.

So here it goes.

Target No. 1 - Autograph Hunters

Nothing frustrates me more than middle-aged money grubbing "super fans" who push past children in search of an autograph only to turn around and sell it for a few bucks on eBay. Here's a bit of advice to these life-less sacks of bacteria: Get A Life!

In fact, get a job. I don't care where, preferably you're nowhere near me, but go do something legit to make money. Go flip some burgers, but if you really want to handle money on a daily basis then you can shoot for the stars and become a cashier.

Trampling children isn't cool ... mostly because they will likely be your boss one day.

Target No. 2 - The Police

The job of a policeman is simple: to serve and protect. And if you have to work a large crowd, your best bet is not to rattle crowds to the point where if you shake them they will eventually explode. You want to contain, not douse the fire with gasoline.

And please, don't confuse this with some type of f*ck the police kinda stuff because I respect authority figures ... as long as they respect their constituents and their badge. If not, their uselss to the community and therefore a disgrace to the uniform.

Target No. 3 - Overzealous Fans

I'm not saying "CT" is wrong because they have some pretty condemning stuff ... but again ... this isn't that kind of sports blog.

But some advice for "CT" for the future:

As someone who has dealt with all kinds of fans in all sorts of environments, I've learned that taking children to events such as ESPN's coverage of the Super Bowl isn't the best idea. I understand you want to show your family a good time and you did not deserve to be mistreated, because nobody does, but big crowds aren't good for young children.

It's just better for all parties involved.

Keep the American dream alive and keep cheering for whoever you'd like.