Why SIU shouldn't feel bad

Plenty of talk today about whether or not SIU should have fouled prior to Cavel Witter's attempted 3-pointer in last night's game against Creighton.

It's basketball strategy that, like every train of thought in sports, has its pros and cons.

But if Saluki players or fans are upset or even disappointed in the way it went down, just take a look at what happened in the NBA last night in a triple overtime game between the Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors.

Up two with time running down and a foul to give, the Warriors decide not to grab Kings star Kevin Martin before he drove down the lane and slammed home the game tying points against one of the Association's worst defenses.


Then in the first overtime, the Kings were up by three points and in the same exact situation. And did they make the proper adjustment to win the game?

If by proper adjustment you mean not fouling a man with the ball in the paint and allowing Kelenna Azubuike to nail an open 3-pointer to tie the game, then yes!


Up by three with time again running out for SacTown, the Golden Staters would certainly foul Martin before he could attempt what would have been a game-tying three. The same Martin who hit a game tying dunk at the end of regulation. They fouled him, right?



The combination of John Salmons jumper and Azubuike's missed three ended the madness, thus proving that even professionals that get paid millions get the little things wrong sometimes.