Daily Dosage: Cheer me up, please

2008 American Music Awards - Show
I'm still reeling from SIU's loss to Creighton last night. Games like that really sting.

I figure Mariah Carey might help me get over it, if only for a few minutes.

(aside: FU Nick Cannon!)

Honestly, nothing hurts more than a loss to a heated rival. Well, nothing in sports. Get blown out. It happens. Get yourself into a Plaxident. Happens to the best of us. But when you lose a nail-biter to the team you despise ... there's no getting over that until you square off again.

See you on Valentine's Day motherf****ers!

The great Creighton escape. Down by four points with two minutes to go in regulation should spell doom for the trailing team. It didn't. Down by four again with under a minute ago should have done the same. It didn't.

The SIU men's basketball team was one dagger shot short of its biggest win of the season. Instead, it was met with denial and the toughest 'L' I've been a part of since the Sweet Sixteen loss to Kansas. [Daily Egyptian]

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