Daily Dosage: Confessions

Kanye West Performs At The 2006 Cipriani/Deutsche Bank Concert Series
I want Marissa Miller to be the mother to my children.

There, I said it. Now I can get back to business.

There's nothing like sleeping in after driving to and from Terre Haute, Ind., which I felt was very reminiscent of Indianapolis ... and not in a good way.

I'm glad SIU was able to walk away with a victory because road trips that end with losses truly aren't fun for anyone involved ... except the home team ... which brings me to poor Indiana State.

Nice building. Nice people. I really wish they were better because the Hulman Center is too nice of an arena to host a team that's 4-15.

That's it, here's the rest of your Dosage.

Saluki 'D' brings down Sycamores. A solid defensive effort reminiscent of the good ol' days of SIU basketball helped spring the team to a 58-47 win against Indiana State. The Salukis shot 52.8 percent from the field, but turned the ball over 22 times. It's as simple as this: cut down on the turnovers and you'll score more points.

Southern's guards (Dillard, Hare, Mullins, Clemmons, Bocot) combined to score 48 of the team's 58 points. Now that, my friends, is backcourt production. [Daily Egyptian]

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