CUBS TRADE: Ronny C departs Aaron Heilman comes on and we'll be back

In a deal that makes some sense for both teams, the Chicago Cubs moved Ronny Cedeno, potential middle infield starter, and newly acquired starting pitcher Garrett(Mary Kate and Ashley) Olson for Seattle Mariners newly acquired hurler Aaron Heilman.

In many ways Heilman has the same pedigree, bust label as Olson did but once again everyone will assume this is somehow involved in the Jake Peavy trade talks.

Bruceeeeeeeeeeeeee Levine of ESPN Radio 1000 in Chicago broke the story and also mentions a possible Juan Uribe signing by the Cubs as well.

I'll be heartbroken if !PROFUNDO! leaves for the north side after many loyal years in a White Sox uniform. I'll especially miss the "homer hands".