Our long national nightmare is born again

MLB: Padres vs Dodgers July 26
The words "pitchers and catchers report today" could not be uttered by local sportscasters soon enough.

Just when you thought the Jake Peavy drama was over, recent moves by the Chicago Cubs have brought back whispers of a potential deal to the forefront. The Cubs recently dumped the salaries of pitcher Jason Marquis and second baseman Mark DeRosa, while adding three quality young arms that could be used to sweeten the pot for San Diego Padres GM Kevin Towers.

Ugh. Remember when the deal was said to have been dead? Well, I wish it was like that again. Either that or get something done.

MLBTradeRumors will no longer hold me hostage as I await breaking news that the 2007 National League Cy Young winner will or will not be joining the Cubs starting rotation. I will stay away from Eli's MLB Rumors page not only because I am jealous of the publicity some high school blogger is getting, but also because I do not want Peavy rumors to run my life. As for Hot Stove Cubbies, I will avoid that site too not only to avoid the eventual Jockin' of Jay-P, but also for the poor grammar and spelling that site offers.

But if someone hears something, tell me.