Adam Dunn's price is droppin' like it's hot

Dunn hits grand slam home run
Outfielder Adam Dunn picked the wrong year to be a free agent.

The slugging, left-handed power stick will hit you 40 home runs, drive in 100 runs and get on base about 40 percent of the time. Yet, he is still on the open market ... probably because he also strikes out a ton and is a defensive liability in the outfield.

But it is Jan. 21 and after coming into this offseason looking for a long-term high-paying contract, he is likely at home sitting by a phone hoping that one of those calls is a major league general manager instead of someone asking about how he feels about his internet service.

I wonder if he is left out in the cold that the Chicago Cubs could find a place for him on their roster.

Defense be damned.

Stick him in right and Milton Bradley in center and hope they can outhit their fielding inefficiencies.

Imagine this lineup:
  1. Soriano
  2. Theriot
  3. Bradley
  4. Ramirez
  5. Dunn
  6. Lee
  7. Soto
  8. Miles/Fontenot
That's the sickest lineup one-thru-eight in the National League.

Heck, if you want to get really creative you can try to find another home for Derrek Lee or Alfonso Soriano. Or you could just be down right cruel and tell Kosuke Fukudome his visa expired.

Somehow. Someway. The Cubs should find a way to get the Big Donkey in blue pinstripes.