Southern Illinois Salukis: Floor General U

Southern Illinois v Connecticut
In a subplot that doesn't involve ice, snow, more ice, more snow and frigid temperatures, former SIU star Kent Williams returns to his alma mater as a Missouri State assistant coach.

So he'll be repping Midwest Maroon, just a different logo.

I had the opportunity to speak with "Kid Kent" who was a heck of an interview that helped spawn this feature piece on one of my favorite Salukis. Oh and then there was this DE blog. I was scheduled to meet him today before tip-off but with the postponement of Wednesday's game to Thursday puts that meeting in jeopardy.

So it got me to thinking about my favorite aspect of college hoops. Guard play. That's when I realized, "damn, SIU has had some really great guards."

And while SIU football is known in the Football Bowl Subdivision as "Running Back U" I figured the basketball team need something other than "Floorburn U."

How about Floor General U? Sounds about right. Check out these former backcourt ballers.

  • Troy Hudson
  • Chris Carr
  • Chris Lowery
  • Greg Starrick (because Mike Reis would probably never talk to me ever again if I forgot his radio partner)
  • Kent Williams
  • Darren Brooks
  • Stetson Hairston
  • Jamaal Tatum
  • Tony Young
Soon enough you'll be able to add Bryan Mullins to the list of elite Saluki guards. Then, in four years, you might as well clear some space in the rafters and prepare to retire the No. 1 for DB and Kevin Dillard.

Did I mention Walt Frazier is an SIU alumna, too?

I know I'm missing many more, but that's a whole lot of talent in the backcourt.