BREAKING NEWS: That Bryan Mullins kid is pretty good

NCAA First Round - Southern Illinois v Holy Cross
At SIU men's basketball game's, I sit on my perch on press row high above the SIU Arena, I think to myself where the heck the Salukis would be without Bryan Mullins.


Kevin Dillard is good and will be great. Ryan Hare will be remembered as the absolute steal of this recruiting class. And Justin Bocot is progressing rather well after not playing organized basketball for one year.

But Dillard and Hare are freshman, and will likely eventually hit the freshman wall. Bocot is even more likely to hit the wall, even though he looks like he might just crash through it.

In Thursday night's 67-58 win against Missouri State, Mullins notched a double-double (13 points, 10 assists) with only one turnover - which probably should be attributed to senior forward Tony Boyle.

He probably would have had 20 assists had his teammates hit open jumpers and layups down low.

I digress.

If his career ended tomorrow (which hopefully wouldn't happen) he would be a sure-fire Saluki Hall of Famer. In addition to his already stellar numbers, Mullins' grit, hard work and leadership skills are the icing to his scoring, assists and steals numbers.

Without B-Mull, Southern would be like a lost puppy.

Fitting, I guess.

Instead, SIU is 5-5 in MVC play and 10-11 overall. Not enough to fit for Saluki standards, but taking into consideration the turmoil of the early season, it's a sign of progress.