Big Mac denied Hall once again

Mark McGwire #25
The Hall of Fame class of 2009 has been announced and Mark McGwire has been left out once again.

The man who saved baseball in 1998 will not be allowed into baseball's most hallowed halls for the third consecutive season.

This is a man who hit 583 career home runs, drove in 1,414 runs, hit 252 doubles, scored 1,167 runs, drew 1,317 walks and posted a .394 on base percentage has been left out because of the cloud of steroid smoke that hovers over his head every day.

What Mark McGwire used during his playing days was legal when he used it. It makes no sense to punish the man who saved baseball just because he took something that was LEGAL.

There is so much controversy regarding steroids during Mac's playing days, it's impossible to distinguish between who did and didn't use 'roids. Almost every player who was a star during that time, and even some who weren't, came under scrutiny of some sort. How can you point a finger solely at Big Mac and tell him he was wrong when the majority of the league was doing the same thing?

Excluding this man is a complete hypocrisy. Maybe he did juice it up. Maybe he did make an ass of himself at the Congressional hearings. But this man brought baseball back from the ashes.