The Bradley Braves Shuffle?

Oh no they didn't.

The Bradley Braves (10-6, 4-1) currently are in a three-way tie with Drake and Northern Iowa and lead the Missouri Valley Conference apparently are not shy about boasting their confidence. To show said confidence, the Braves have remixed one of the hottest songs in America today, The Super Bowl Shuffle.

(Picks up daily paper. Reads January 13, 2009 on front page. Goes back to blog.)

There's just so much that is wrong with this video that the hip-hop fan in me wants to slash through. Lack of originality. Remixing a song none of you were probably around for. More shirtless men than women in the video, which something Vince Young, Brady Quinn or Eddie Curry might be interested in. But not me.

I can't even give a half kudos to the Braves who channeled their inner '85 Bears by not only covering their Grammy Award winning hit, but by also doing so during the season. Why? Because I don't think they're that good.

However, it's tough to give Bradley any credit for doing this, especially after laying an egg in its 73-64 loss at home to Creighton. Sure, they beat Illinois State to end their undefeated season, but in my world of six degrees of college hoops, who have the Redbirds beat of importance?

And while this video might serve as a motivating tool for the Braves to get it done like the Bears did 23 years ago, I'm not sure the rest of the Valley is amused one bit.

In fact, if I were a MVC coach I would play this video for my team if only just to aggravate them by forcing them to hear a putrid hip-hop effort generally saved for the likes of Soulja Boy.