Reality T.O.

In an unforeseen turn of events, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens has put his put his name back in the center of the sports world despite his teams failure to actually win a playoff game.

Owens has agreed to star in his own reality TV show on VH1 that will see him and two of his friends — publicists Monique Jackson and Kita Williams — re-examining his the controversial Cowboy's life.

Owens has formerly co-starred in HBO's "Hard Knocks," an amazing show looking at a few weeks of NFL training camp. Apparently, T.O. couldn't handle not getting a featured role and wanted to show the rest of the world that his world is indeed much more entertaining than that of quarterback Tony Romo or tight end Jason Witten, who are apparently conspiring against Owens together anyway.

"Hard Knocks" was great and I must admit that Owens' inclusion in the series made the show exponentially better. I will certainly give VH1's new show a look, but I really doubt how good it can be.

I mean, there is a difference between an HBO reality show and a VH1 reality show. I want to see T.O.'s struggles to go through a grueling training camp. I don't want to see him become the next Flava Flav.

But I think VH1 could have though on a much broader scale here. They could have taken the entire Cowboys team and made a reality show similar to the movie Ed TV, where a camera crew follows around each member of the family.

A show that chronicles the events of owner Jerry Jones' life, Romo's love life, Romo and Witten's secret affairs, T.O.'s insecurities, Adam 'Pacman' Jones' absurdities and nearly any other story line that the Cowboys certainly have no shortages of would be extremely entertaining.

Surely it would be more exciting than just watching T.O., who will undoubtedly show a sympathetic side of himself to win over the public interest.

Will I watch? Maybe... even if it is for just one minute or two. Will it be good? Probably not.


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