No. 10 Erin Andrews

She's cute, blond and probably has the ability to get me an extra media pass. That's why Erin Andrews ranks No. 10 on my list of Top 10 celebrities.

This might come as a shock to some, especially those of you who remember the days when I fell in love with girls that had golden locks on a daily basis.

Or those of you who knew that I cherished this picture to the right and the fact that she signed my GameDay poster saying she would love to be my Valentine.

Did I mention she works for ESPN and has some knowledge of sports? Whether it is piped into her ear piece or not ... I don't care? Maybe she could get me Kyle Whelliston's college basketball blogging job.

Just saying.

By making EA my No. 10, I just bought my blog at least 100 hits as her junkies, stalkers and "fans" will stumble upon this site.

My hope is that they come for the pretty girls and stay for the sports talk.