Jose can you see: The only voice of reason?

I've tried to sit out on this media storm surrounding the Alex Rodriguez steroids fiasco.

To be honest I really don't care and I know I'm in the minority in saying that but quite frankly, it wasn't illegal (per MLB rules) to take steroids when he took it or when Barry Bonds (may or may not have) taken them.

How can you blame A-Rod, Bonds or anyone else who got busted or had their name leaked to the press before it was actually a punishable offense?

Personally I can't blame them and neither can most people if you take a look at the way the attendance boomed during the "steroid era".

But the funniest and perhaps most ironic thing about the situation is that the scummiest of players, one of the biggest so-called liars, Jose Canseco, is the voice of truth and reason.

I bought his first book that was the first detailed account of steroid use by himself and other players that he came into contact with.

I wasn't proud that I bought it and I didn't necessarily believe most of it either.

But in time Canseco's claims turned out to be true and he was vindicated (as his next book would be called).

Now I never read Canseco's second book primarily because most big time publishers backed out because his accounts didn't seem to have enough evidence to back up what he was trying to say (particularly the A-Rod story).

But now, I feel like I need to at least take a quick read through the book and see what other names are in there because he appears to be the only one telling the truth.

What totally blows me away about this whole situation is that the player's association didn't destroy all the files from the "steroid screening". If I were a player I'd want one of the Donald Fehr types to explain.

Also, why just release A-Rod's name? There are over 100 players who tested positive during the screening process.

Let's lift this veil of secrecy if for no other reason than for fans and media moving on to something else. We can finally put the investigation and steroid era to rest if someone just rips off the band-aid so to speak.