Daily Dosage: Best of the Rest Part III

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Don't ask me why, but I have a thing for girls with glasses.

I also have a thing for pretty girls.

I just have a thing for girls in general.

But yeah, Tina Fey has that whole sexy librarian thing going for her and I find it attractive.

This might not be Fey's most flattering picture, but I approve. And since this is my post, it gets approval.

On with the Daily Dosage:

Saluki men: Aiming for an upset. Sure, Northern Iowa has dominated the standings but they're not impressive. It's not like they have a roster full of show-stoppers. Yeah, they've got great chemistry and all the little things. But after big games by Kevin Dillard and Justin Bocot, I'm now convinced that Ryan Hare is next on the list of 20-point scorers for SIU. [Daily Egyptian]

SIU women's tennis takes two. I'm always a fan of a hot start, so that's why Saluki women's tennis takes the No. 2 spot in today's news of the day/whoring of my stories to another internet audience. Whatevs. [Daily Egyptian]

Ask the AD, we're alright. And by "we" I mean the Saluki athletic department. They're saving money, trying to pay their debts and still trying to put kids through school. My favorite thing about Mario Moccia (and I know there are a few bloggers on this site that can attest) is that he speaks the truth. College sports is full of figures that give you the run around. As a journalist, I'm happy Mr. Moccia isn't one of them. [Daily Egyptian]

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Amen to the Moccia sentiment