Manny Money Madness

Dodgers and Phillies meet for Game Three of NLCS in Los Angeles
Free agent outfielder Manny Ramirez can sit there and pout all he wants.

$25 million is a lot of frickin' money.

The enigmatic outfielder who feasted on National League pitching after being traded to the L.A. Dodgers is still without a contract as baseball teams get closer and closer to the start of Spring Training. And while most media types will blame his extreme contract demands, his jerk of an agent and the fear that he'll tank as soon as he is unhappy as reasons why he stands unsigned there is only one reason I will approve.

And no, it's not the economy.

It's because he's selfish.

I'm not sure what's worse: declining a guaranteed $45 million over two years or this transgression in which he turned down a guaranteed $25 million for one year. Either way, Man-Ram is making this generation look bad.

Busta Rhymes is rapping about "Arab Money" in an economy that is sinking faster than a bowling ball in a kiddie pool. Akon is crooning on an R&B track that he is so paid while people out there are struggling to keep their jobs and when they are keeping their jobs, scraping up enough money to support their family.

Meanwhile, a man who plays a kids game has the nerve to reject a $25 million gift to hit a ball 500 feet and play piss-poor defense.

Where can I sign up?

There's no wonder every baseball season my mother sits me down and tells me about the good ole days in which pitchers threw complete games every three days and worked at the local grocery store or on their parents' farm in the offseason.

Let's get real Manny. If you don't want to make millions upon millions upon millions to work from April to October and fail 70 percent of the time in the process, that's fine.

Go work on Ugueth Urbina's Venezuelan farm and see how you like it.

What, too soon?

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