Urlacher for Anquan and other trades for Madden 2010 for your PlayStation III

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks
David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune is a very respected Chicago Bears beat writer.

That's why I decided to click open the link to a headline that suggested the Bears should trade its one prize middle linebacker for one of the league's best wide receivers who is currently a west-coast malcontent.

The trade makes sense, in principle.

Arizona needs defense. That's a fact. There is no denying a player such as Brian Urlacher could have helped prevent the Cardinals' defensive collapse in the last two-and-a-half minutes of the Super Bowl.

Chicago needs offense. Specifically at the wide receiver position. The Bears have been bombarded with mediocre pass catchers since the days when Ron Turner orchestrated a feasible offensive game plan with Erik Kramer, Curtis Conway and Jeff Engram.

Urlacher wants out and so does Boldin. Sounds like a match made in GM heaven. And by GM heaven I mean Madden NFL 2010.

I'm sure the Atlanta Falcons are trying to get an advance copy to see what team would be willing to take Mike Vick's baggage (and contract).