Now here's a move everyone can enjoy

Per the White Sox Press Release.

Here's a brilliant idea that I don't know why people haven't though of before: Stream spring training games live via the internet!

But wait there's more! It's free. BRILLIANT!

Anyway, here's the list of the White Sox broadcasts:

March 2: Seattle
March 6: Australia
March 8: Los Angeles (NL)
March 9: Cleveland
March 11: Milwaukee
March 16: Kansas City
March 18: Los Angeles (AL)
March 20: San Francisco
March 25: Oakland
March 31: Colorado
April 1: San Diego

No Chicago Cubs games are available because the season doesn't start for them until October now anyway. (Actually I don't know why they aren't doing this)

In other news, I'll be in beautiful Tempe, Ariz., March 6-9th or so to take in some baseball. Expect some fun updates and pictures from there.

And... Arizona State is there... VERY NIIIICE!