And for one night, everything seems fine

The season's been over for months for the SIU basketball team but it didn't stop them from spoiling Drake's senior night with a 56-55 win last night.

But it gets even better for the dawgs you say?

Take into account that they didn't JUST beat the Bulldogs, they beat Duke, too.

Well technically it was a hybrid Blue Devils team mixed in with Drake players.

But to let Greg Paulus have the game he did alongside Jonathan Cox and still win?

Mighty big accomplishment.

Now, with a win this weekend, the Salukis can avoid playing on opening night of the MVC Tournament in March.

Bob Dylan once wrote, "the times, they are a changin'."

Freshman point guard Kevin Dillard never heard that song but his quote made even less sense than this post.

“Coach (Rodney) Watson told me to shoot the ball or we’re going to be on CNN for a bad reason,” Dillard said in a postgame radio interview. “And I didn’t want to make the news.”

..ugh.... Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

What a trainwreck of a season, I can't wait to see the team lose on either opening night or the following day.

In other news, per media director Tom Weber's blog I found this interesting nugget.

"A pet peeve of mine really hit home last night at UIC. It bugs me when cheerleaders "cheer" against the visiting team. There are several schools in the Valley that do this, although not Southern, thankfully.

I often sit on the floor during games taking photos, so I have first-hand experience. There are places you go where the cheerleaders interact with the fans and cheer when their team does well. They add flavor to the game, and all is well.

Then there are places where the cheerleaders heckle the opposing team. They see themselves as kind of a "sixth man" for their team. Is that really necessary?

I sat near a UIC cheerleader who had a penchant for name-calling while our players were shooting free throws. The gym was fairly quiet, so you could hear everything that was said. It didn't seem to bother our players. It just didn’t seem like a very sportsmanlike thing to do.

What do you think?"

What do I think? I think it's college basketball and the opposing crowd, cheerleaders and so forth can be the "sixth man". I also think if SIU doesn't have a pathetic showing against a mid-level Horizon League squad you don't hear about this. I also think that our "dawg pound" is one of the most unsportsmanlike groups in the conference.

The point?

Who cares, it's college basketball, this is how it's supposed to be.