God, Save the Blue Demons (Part II)

NCAA BASKETBALL: FEB 03 Marquette at DePaul
Wake up, Jerry!

If there's a sadder Illinois college basketball story than what has happened at Southern Illinois, it is what is happening at DePaul.

It's a sad time to be a college hoops fan in my household, that's for sure.

The Blue Demons got blown out again (this time by No. 5 Louisville) and are still winless in Big East play. How much is the little school under the "L" tracks getting from the Big East? I hope it's enough to endure getting your face dong slapped by the Thabeets, Johnny Flynns and Greg Monroes of the world.

I think Devendorf actually slapped the Blue Demons' mascot's girlfriend. Shame on him.

Dar Tucker had 17 points and a nice dunk tonight. He did the same thing against Louisville in a blow out loss last season.

It's why I've come to the conclusion being absolutely hammered by Rick Pitino's Cardinals brings the best out of Dar Tucker.