Could Houston compile the ultimate Cub killer lineup?

MLB: Astros v Rangers June 24, 2007
While I'm not convinced the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series, let alone the NL Central, I sleep a little easier at night knowing no one in the division has made a move that's worth a darn.

With all due respect to the Cincinnati Reds for re-signing SIU alumnus Jerry Hairston, Jr.

But if the Houston Astros find a way to land outfielder Adam Dunn (as has been suggested by Chicago Tribune columnist Phil Rogers), Chicago pitchers will need to be on high alert for Cub killers.

Stat(e) Boy Presents: A Cubs fans worst nightmare

Dunn: .260/.398/.614/1.012 38 HR 67 RBI
Lance Berkman: .239/.366/.450/.816 25 HR 72 RBI
Carlos Lee: .313/.369/.610/.979 27 HR 76 RBI
Miguel Tejada: .281/.303/.469/.772 1 HR 7 RBI (16 games)
Hunter Pence: .291/.348/.503/.853 3 HR 16 RBI (27 games)

Then I have to face Roy Oswalt (12-11, 3.88 ERA, 124-29 K-BB against Cubs), too?

I'd rather not.