Palin ends Legace's era

NHL: FEB 02 Blues at Red Wings
Once upon a time, Manny Legace was an all-star goalie.

That's until The Curse of Sarah Palin reared its ugly (but oddly attractive in a MILFY kind of way) head in Legace's direction. He slipped and injured himself on the carpet laid for Palin who was dropping the puck for a St. Louis Blues game that day. He hasn't been the same since.

And now, Legacy will report to the Blues' minor-league affiliate after clearing waivers.

Rough weekend for Missourians(?) as TCoSP also was seen at the campus of Missouri State University. The former VeePee candidate visited the Springfield, Mo., campus that Friday and the next day, the football Bears lost a heartbreaker of a game to Southern Illinois on a Chris Dieker touchdown pass to Marc Cheatham as time expired.

Now that I think of it, I'm even more glad my president is black.

Imagine the carnage had she even taken one look at the economy.