Norm Van Lier is moving on to the basketball afterlife

I never got a chance to watch Norm Van Lier play basketball for the Chicago Bulls. But I'm sure highlight video doesn't do him justice.

I do remember Van Lier as a broadcaster on WSCR-AM radio threatening to put a foot in the ass of any ballplayer who put himself in front of the team.

That's what I liked about "Stormin' Norman" he spoke the truth. And in a time where the only truth speakers hide in anonymity in mother's basement, it was good to see and hear Van Lier be openly critical.

Norm, speaking on behalf of the staff of The Big Dead Sidebar, I hope you're in a better place.

A place where fundementals are king and playing defense isn't an option.

Former Bulls star Norm Van Lier dead at 61 [Chicago Breaking News]