The obligatory 'Justin Bocot is gonna be really good' blog post

My boss (TBDS hoops writer, Jeff) can vouch that I have always been aboard the Justin Bocot bandwagon.

Between his scary-good numbers in high school (20 point per game average) and supreme athletic ability (evidenced here), I figured he would be a great fit on the SIU men's basketball team. Unfortunately, Bocot's grades not only derailed him from playing college ball last season, but from partaking in team activities.

When he wasn't watching his future teammates from the sidelines, he was cleaning, sweeping, mopping to pay his own way through his freshman year at college before he could become eligible in the NCAAs eyes.

After a slow start in which JB shook off some rust, he has exploded onto the scene since his breakout performance against Illinois State in front of friends and family from the Bloomington-Normal area.

Makes me wonder how/why the Redbirds let a talent like that leave the area, let alone slip down south to a conference rival. You can't tell me Bocot, Osiris Eldridge and Champ Oguchi doesn't win you a Valley conference title at Illinois State.

I digress.

Justin Bocot is good now and will be good in the future. And while Saluki Nation is struggling to endear itself to a team that's floating around the .500 mark, JB is one of those guys that reminds me things will be better in the future.